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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Top of a Hill

Voting #: 4001

The view from on top of the hill was sunny and vast. White flowers lay among the fresh grass. Jack thought how endless the summer seemed; just perfect, standing there together. Jill was reeling up a pail of water from the well, and Jack realized he was falling for her.


A Mind-Boggling Discovery.

Voting #: 4002

The acclaimed film director was confused. His set was nearly ready to start shooting, but there had been reports of trespassers nearby the jungle scene. A few explorers had stumbled onto the set, and were claiming to have seen a real life dinosaur, “Just like the ones from Jurassic Park.”


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Voting #: 4003

The winds were harsh against their skin.
Standing in the field at the barely visible fifty-yard line, they stared at each other.
The crowd departed, but they both were still in uniform.
"Great game," she said.
He grabbed her hand and they were gone, only leaving their footprints behind.


Sunday, March 13, 2011


Voting #: 4004

Jimmie graduated from Harvard. He created his dream business and became one of the wealthiest men in the world. He married a supermodel. He bought the house of his dreams in Sydney, Australia. And each day he stares at the basketball in his closet and wonders what could have been.



Voting #: 4005

He fumbled the ball and his team lost the game. He would never play the game ever again and he would never feel the rush it gave him. All he could think about was that play. He blew it. He had missed a block and Alex suffered because of it.


Goodbye Old Melody

Voting #: 4006

It was a frigid and tempestuous Friday night. Melody's mother and friends surrounded her hospital bed while gripping each other's hands. Hot streams of tears rolled down her mother's face, washing away any makeup that lay victim to its path. After intensive screaming and wishful thinking, Melody's baby was born.


I’m Sorry

Voting #: 4007

It was a rainy Friday afternoon. Carson and his family were attending the funeral of his wife’s father. As the family walked up to the coffin, Carson said something to the dead body. The words were “I’m sorry”. The police found the knife with Carson’s finger prints all over it.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

"It is with great shame..."

Voting #: 4008

He fought in the war four years. He had not talked to his wife or children ever since he arrived. He was finally being sent home because of an almost fatal wound. When he arrived home, his wife informed him that the war had been over for ten years now.


Another Course

Voting #: 4009

She laughed over a candle-lit diner. Across from her sat a man. While she imagined the life they could lead, another course came. “Where have I heard his voice?” she thought to herself. Finally it hit her; he was behind the mask that murdered her husband a year previous.


Everything Goes Dark

Voting #: 4010

A cry echoed as she scrambled behind a door. Her pursuer, a few steps behind, grasped her and yanked her out into the open. The blood stain on the front of his shirt blurred with the tears spilling onto her hands. His knife raised, everything goes dark. Curtains fall. Intermission.


Lunch Time

Voting #: 4011

You know, we’re not that close with each other. Yeah, except everyone thinks we belong together. But I’ve never even met them! I guess we look good side-by-side. No we don’t. Your colors don’t match mine. Well, I complete you -— said peanut butter to jelly, as they entered the blackness.



Voting #: 4012

She saw the girl; she looked miserable -- a monster. The crescent-mooned scythe under the eyes, the empty abyss whirled the pupils. She saw Niccolò Machiavelli and verbos españoles frolicking above the girl’s head, sucking at her soul. They were eating the miserable girl. She blinked. She looked at herself.


The Perfect Storm

Voting #: 4013

He was returning home after a treacherous journey in the Grand Banks of Nova Scotia, in search of the mightiest catch of all, the swordfish. His face wizened from the salty waves, yet the bags under his eyes darker than the deep sea. There were no ships to be seen.



Voting #: 4014

Screaming, she covered her face with her hands. He was coming towards her, his face partially lit by an eerie glow.
He disappeared, and she was falling forward into the darkness. Screams echoed all around, the terror of a dozen children.
Beeeep. Sunlight.
"Please exit the ride to your left"



Voting #: 4015

The gaze of the audience cut through me. I stood in the center of the stage behind the podium.
My finger tips permanently shaking with nerves, the color leaving my face. I am vulnerable, eager to
hear my next word. Not a minute later, I am flat on the floor.


Oh, Holy Spirit!

Voting #: 4016

The vase shattered. Tears immediately joined the broken pieces that lie on the floor. Sharlese dropped to the ground and began fixing the vase. But her efforts proved to be useless as the ashes of her brother lay on the ground alongside the broken pieces, her tears, and her blood.


Regaining Consciousness on a Bed of Silk

Voting #: 4017

Sifting his pockets, he brought out a lighter,
and by the light of the flame found that he was
enclosed in a buried coffin.
For hours he screamed in vain,
his breath came in sobbing gasps,
his free hand clawing at the walls of hell.
Then the flame went out.


Walking Home Tonight

Voting #: 4019

Towering trees cast shadows on the back road,
a bicycle lay overturned on the pavement.
The front tire revolved with metallic rasps,
inky streaks on the road glittered maliciously in the twilight,
the rustle of leaves told her someone drew nearer 
to where she stood paralyzed with a trembling fear.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yay, Mini-Saga!

Voting #: 4020

The noises get louder. Each word spoken in a soft monotonous tone. Creating the urge, creating the guilt. Diminishing the line between sanity and reality. Slowly, sharp edges sweep away the pain. Tears of red stream down the arm in hope of something new to feel in the attempt of forgetting.



Voting #: 4021

I AM LEGEND, sort of
Last person alive.
The invading army massacred the whole city,
or so they thought.
He saw his family killed right before his eyes.
Day 6 with limited food and water.
His face is getting skinnier, bones becoming visible.
He brings a pistol to his head.
Director calls, "Cut."
Lunch break.


I Know What You Are...

Voting #: 4022

Barbara knew three things about Elliot... He wasn’t like other boys, he rarely slept, and his diet was, let’s just say, out of the ordinary. Elliot was grateful for her understanding. Not many girls could put up with a lactose intolerant, anemic insomniac who happened to be prone to sunburns.


Title Goes Here:

Voting #: 4023

I’m sitting in the sophomore area trying to write a mini-saga. But I can’t. I’ve left it to the last second and I am desperately searching for ideas. “Dude, I can’t do this!” A teacher walks by confiscating backpacks. There’s a carpet, scattered trash, three people trying to think.


Hard Work's Reward

Voting #: 4024

On August 5,1945, it was finally completed.
After 25 years of toil it was finally open. The mayor took his unneccesarily collossal
scissors and cut the ribbon. The humongous monster which exhausted workers
and annoyed citizens who could not wait was finally finished.
The largest hospital in central Hiroshima, done.


Four Minutes

Voting #: 4025

Four minutes left. Bad guys up by two. Championship game. It’s the last time they will step on this ice with those jerseys. In four minutes, they’re done. Goal. Two minutes, twelve seconds left. There’s hope. One minute left. Goal. Tied game. They’re in this. The buzzer goes off. Overtime.


Curious George

Voting #: 4026

“Mom,” he shouts at the top of his small little lungs. George is curious as to what time supper will be served. There was no reply, George began to get worried. He dashed down the stairs and, to his surprise, dinner had been served but his mom was the Table.


Mystery Man

Voting #: 4027

I met a boy online. First time we ever talked was through text on Thanksgiving.
The family sat down to dinner, but I continued to text.
My cousin was also typing away on his phone throughout the dinner,
so I was wasn't being rude. Then I realized that it was him....


Bath Time

Voting #: 4028

The gigantic gray waves towered above the tiny blue sailboat. Its checkered sail flapped furiously in the wind. The waves sucked it, sails and all, into the swirling depths below, only momentarily, then thrust to the surface, safe again by swirling strands of water foaming up under the crash.


Undetected Bomb in Luggage Causes Plane to Explode Departing America

Voting #: 4029

Lugging his heavy, bulky suitcase across the endless hall, he paused and turned around to say his last good-bye to the only person he had ever cared for. After the security checkpoint, there would be no turning the back. His last thought would be, “Will she ever forgive me?”


The Invincible Man

Voting #: 4030

The man survived three weeks the arctic cold, climbed Everest, and survived multiple tours for the army. He couldn't be killed by the cold or even bullets. He was the ultimate soldier and the invincible man. After returning home, he was found dead. He died by choking on a grape.


An Expected Death

Voting #: 4031

The health inspector searched the restaurant tediously.  He took his job very seriously, but didn't make friends in the business.  Everything checked out and he moved on to testing the food. He picked up the juicy-looking burger and bit in.  He then dropped to the floor, killed by poison.


A Journey Awaits Jed Rivers, a Man of Adventurous Wilds

Voting #: 4032

It all lay out in front of him, those icy mountains of white that seemed to roll on forever. He thought how very cold they would be. Triumph was in his future; he could taste it. He took a deep breath and thought, time to eat my ice cream sundae.


It’s time to lock and load

Voting #: 4033

Our plan is simple, eliminate all hostiles. No, Franklin, it only stings for a second, wimp. If you are hit, just keep firing and make sure your magazines are accessible. Their ammo won’t work with our weapons. Let’s set up the fort. My mom says we have only 15 minutes.


Can't Get In: Can't Get Out

Voting #: 4034

Why don’t you like people hugging you? Personal space is starting to lose effect. Black-and-blue, but this time the makeup won’t cover it. Limping, but I can’t say I fell down the stairs again. The swelling is bad. I’m trying to see the light, but I can’t open my eyes.


The Chase Is On!

Voting #: 4035

The robber was sprinting, breathing heavily. The cop was steadily
following. The robber went through many shortcuts, trying to lose the cop.
However, he managed to stay on his track. Just as the cop grabbed him,
their mother yelled, “It’s lunch time!” The boys ran in to get their lunch.


Sarah Would Be Fine At Home

Voting #: 4036

She only went to get milk. Approaching home in the darkness, she saw a car slowly driving away from her house. Rushing through the unlocked door, racing to the bedroom, she saw the baby sound asleep, all the lights on, and a cool breeze blowing through the now open window.


Love at First Sight

Voting #: 4037

Walking down Pearl Street, she catches his eye. He’s going to marry her.  Six years later. They’re dating. She doesn’t know he fell in love before she even knew he existed. Years pass. They’re over. He’s walking down Pearl Street. She catches his eye. He’s still going to marry her.

The Fear Of Losing You

Voting #: 4038

She wept with the news of the bombing. He'd been gone three years, only one weekend home. How would she tell the kids? Funeral arrangements filled her head. A knock at the door interrupted her. She knew it'd be the letter. She opened the door to her husband's open arms.


The Unknown Truth

Voting #: 4039

He was nervous to tell her. The more time that went by the more his stomach twisted. He didn't want to seem uncaring. He loved her deeply, but she deserved to know the truth after eighteen years of being together. They sat down, "Honey, we love you, but you're adopted".


Hole In One

Voting #: 4040

Every day he came out and played, and each day he tried to do the one thing everyone dreams of. He comes close, but he can never do it. Whack!
High in the sky it flew and dropped gracefully into the hole.
Too bad it will never happen again.



Voting #: 4041

He bolted down the stairs as quickly as he could. The woman was right behind him. He was in the basement, with no where to run, he hid in the closet. The door slowly creaked open and the figure loomed over him. "Pick up your room!" roared the frightened boy's mother.



Voting #: 4042

The light was blinding. She found it was hard to make out the figures in the distance, the ones she knew were there. She started to get anxious and worried, things weren’t working out the way they should have. She pulled the ski mask on and went in after them.


3 Special Words

Voting #: 4043

After the seemingly perfect dinner, Joe is driving his girlfriend home. Thoughts rushing through her head that she loves him. Thinking he must be the one, she grabs him and looks into his eyes. She wanted him to say those three special words. So he said his, "We are done".


No Bass, Just Blues

Voting #: 4044

Six hours, 20 miles offshore, and nothing to show but sunburnt faces.  Disappointed, they were done for the day, until, “I’ve got a bite!”  Their lobster-red faces lit up.  He reeled in the line and heaved it into the boat to be greeted by a 28" tangle of seaweed.


Mini Saga

Voting #: 4045

He sat there chewing on his pen. He looked puzzled. Everyone around him was writing away; while his paper was blank. He thought and thought and thought some more. Finally a movement of the pen. Nope, false alarm. He thought to himself "How the heck do you write Mini-Sagas?"


JV 1.5

Voting #: 4046

The score was tied, fifty-two to fifty-two. There were five seconds left and the opposing team took the shot. Swish. Now down by two, it was our ball. The ball makes its way to Daniel. The seconds are now dwindling down. He shoots from half court. That's game.



Voting #: 4047

Clyde was booking it. They had been pursuing him for a long time. He turned the corner and ran into a dead-end. He was doomed. Clyde curled up and heard people pick up their machinery, and then heard the snap of many triggers. The Paparazzi had finally gotten his picture.



Voting #: 4048

The man begins his journey up the hill. Finally in his life he would find the truth. The steep hill was no match for his hiking finesse. As he reaches the top he hears construction vehicles. He looks down and learns, sometimes, the grass isn’t greener on the other side.


Spring Break

Voting #: 4049

Less than four days away! Two weeks
of vacation is the perfect remedy for
stressed students and teachers. We could all use some relaxation.
 Hoping to get a tan, I’ll travel with my mom to Florida.
My grandparents are sure to enjoy the company.
Shopping and swimming will be fun.


Unthoughtful Thinking

Voting #: 4050

“Honey, buy that convertible you’ve always wanted and that pool. Tell the kids we’re taking that trip this summer.” He hung up and began to think of more ways to spend his raise as he walked into his meeting with his boss. Before sitting down his boss said, “You’re fired.”



Voting #: 4051

“Notice me.” The blonde thought. She saw him every day, his blue eyes and sharp pearly smile. They’d spoken only once or twice, but she knew their developing relationship would change. “Florence,” Her hands clammed up. She lost the nerve. “Back to your cell.” The spoon-shank fell to her pocket.


The Guide to Dressing Your Feet, or, How Willy Got Popular

Voting #: 4052

On Monday Willy awoke, dressed, and ate breakfast with his two sisters and parents. The family didn’t notice his new shoes. Soon as he walked into his high school, everyone looked, to his overindulged ego’s pleasure. Glances to Willy’s loafers came with warm smiles. The toilet paper underfoot dragged behind, defeated.


Love at First Sip, Left with Last Drop

Voting #: 4053

Ryan and Natalie are perfect for each other, although they did not know it. Ryan orders a coffee, Natalie reads quietly. With no seats left in the café, he sits beside her. Natalie finishes the last drop of raspberry tea, leaves the café with her book. They will never know.


The Unknown Civilization

Voting #: 4054

Crashing waves and a thunderous rage from the sea brought the destruction of Osiris' ship. Fighting for their lives, the crew swam through treacherous and danger-filled waters for three days until reaching land. The exotic country portrayed an ominous sign written in a foreign language that spelled "North America."


The New Age

Voting #: 4055

There was once a land where cords left in tangles and slow internet speeds kept students at bay with their work. Students dreamed of a place were they could play games on the computers and take funny pictures and set them as the background. Soon all computers will be Mac's.

Skipping Breakfast

Voting #: 4056

I was late to sophomore meeting in the commons, Esty's pet peeve. Faulty alarm clock. I craved a bacon, egg and cheese. I heard Esty utter something about a contest. More homework? I thought I would refuse. No time, no point. But before my day began, my homework was done.


The Long-Awaited Appointment that Would End with Loneliness

Voting #: 4057

The newlyweds enter the office with nerves. The white-coated man sits them both down with a sigh. The news they have been waiting for is here, finally. The doctor is choked up after they leave, he left out a piece of bad new. There will only be one parent.

Counting Cards

Voting #: 4058

His practice for years paid off. The perfect scheme. Not all could do it, he was gifted. When the Caesar’s Palace logo flipped over to reveal the ace card he predicted, he let out a jubilant cheer. A cold hand grabbed his wrist from behind. Caught! “Damn!” He had lost.


Old Man Witherspoon

Voting #: 4059

Only yesterday did an old man rob the convenience store, cleaning out the register. The videotape showed the same bearded old man that had walked into the store just then, except covered in blood. He put down a stack of money and said, "As it turns out, karma is real."


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Way He Loved Me

Voting #: 4060

He keeps coming closer, drawing me near. Then I smile because I can feel the warmth of his hand on the small of my back. He whispers sweet words of ruin in my ear as he kisses the smile from my lips. I thought he loved me. I was wrong.


What Happens When a Normal Day Suddenly Goes Horribly Wrong Yet Nothing Changes?

Voting #: 4061

A woman sat peacefully until she got a call from her husband’s doctor informing her that he died. Too choked up to respond, she hung up. Five minutes later, she got another call from the doctor’s mother apologizing for his behavior and that she wouldn’t be getting any more prank calls.


Always be Cautious When You Assume

Voting #: 4062

A food inspector was coming to the diner today. When he got there, all the kitchen’s focus was on this one man. After his meal had ended, the chef asked about his grade. The man looked confused while the man next to him chimed in, “I’M the food inspector actually.”


The Accident

Voting #: 4063

Face deformed beyond recognition,
Mind mangled beyond memory.
Who was she?

They twisted her wrists into handcuffs:
"Hello, Undesirable Number One."
If only she hadn’t sent for the DNA tests...

Guilty of a crime she couldn’t remember,
She never recalled her ruse:
To stay beyond recognition, and never be discovered.


Last Words

Voting #: 4064

My darling Asian angel,
You’ve cried for your birth mother for sixteen years.
Your porcelain skin flooded by innocent tears.
Mine were warm, wet lies.
I was engaged,
Studying abroad in cherry-blossom bliss.
Nine months later,
He would have known the black-haired baby wasn’t his.
Not adopted; you’re mine.



Voting #: 4065

The theater is dark and almost silent except for the occasional mumble or cough. My heart is beating fast, like a metronome with a steady, vibrant beat. Butterflies are fluttering down to my stomach as I take a deep breath in. The harsh, bright light powers on. It’s show time.


Mini Saga Struggle

Voting #: 4066

Simply impossible. My brain’s empty and my hand is frozen, clenched around a pen. This should be an easy and manageable task. I look around and see my classmates writing brilliant stories, but I cannot. How can they expect me to write just fifty words about anything? It’s simply impossible.


What it Means

Voting #: 4067

Ever since, my point of view has drastically changed. Enlightened, I realize that the small details are far more important than you’d think. Ever since, I have truly understood the meaning of carpe diem. Ever since the grim reaper knocked on my door, ever since god spared my life…I understand.


What Would You Do?

Voting #: 4068

The police officer speaks into the megaphone as a helicopter lands on top of the bank. “We’ve fulfilled your demands, release the hostages!” A masked man appears outside, places a bag of Klondike Bars on the ground, then finds his way to the cockpit, five-million dollars richer. The crowd rejoices.


Perfectly Empty

Voting #: 4069

She is perfect. They like that.  When I draw near, the chatter silences, and the glares commence.  On the outside she appears to be perfect, but on the inside, she is empty.  She has deceived everyone, but I know what lies behind the facade.  She used to be my friend.


The fatal encounter of

Voting #: 4070

Walking in the dark, I heard a raging growl- a warning cry, my future demise. My lemur instincts took over, and as it cane closer, the more I shrieked in terror. But then it stopped. I thought, “Where did it go?” and my friend chortled, “You fool, it’s your stomach!”



Voting #: 4071

He was a curious young boy, walking up to the counter of the store, false mustache under nose and whiskey in hand. “May I see some identification please?” “I left it in my pants,” he said, as the clerk peered over the counter, revealing the boy and his Spongebob underpants.


The Harshest Opponent Yet

Voting #: 4072

He looked up, horrified. Below him lay a puddle of blood, pouring from his nose. He glared at his opponent sitting expressionless on the floor and proudly sporting an ‘I <3 Bermuda’ button. He stormed over and pulled the button off the backpack that he had just tripped over again.


The Eight-Twenty Lothario

Voting #: 4073

The eight-twenty bus rolled in when my Romeo came, my heart began caroling fondly, while an imaginary orchestra played our love song. I shyly looked at him, my statuesque Greek god of perfection. My heart raced as I dared to confess my feelings, and then he asked, “Who are you?”


Girl of My Dreams

Voting #: 4074

"I do!" I confessed to the priest's question. I looked in front of me at the beautiful face of the woman I was to marry, the girl I had dreamed of marrying since the day I saw her. I leaned in to kiss my love, but then I woke up.


The Present That Wasn't Meant for Her

Voting #: 4075

I watched from a distance as he bought the it, a long silver chain with a small diamond at the end. I knew I shouldn’t be watching him. On the night of our anniversary, I waited for the necklace. I never saw it again. Then I met his coworker, Anna.


The Jinx

Voting #: 4076

She was backstage, ready for the biggest performance ever. She had been practicing for this day all year, and now the show was about to begin. Her coach was talking while she stretched her long legs and prepared herself. Her coach said,“Break a leg” and surely enough she did…


No where to run. Should I hide?

Voting #: 4077

The alarms were blazing. The sound was killer and they still weren’t back yet. She kept looking from the door to the alley and back again. There was no sign of them. Soon they would come for her and she was stuck. Save herself or her men? She didn’t know...

Moments to Remember

Voting #: 4078

“This is the alarm. Evacuate the building.” Wee-oo-wee-oo. “This is not a drill, Sargent. Stop, drop and roll.” “The smoke is rising. (cough, cough). Can’t breath. I… can see the light. Good-bye cruel, world.” “Sarge, relax. You dropped near the fireplace. All the smoke's going to your face.”


Voting #: 4079

Charlotte wasn’t terribly fond of Jeremy. He was the one guy not smitten with her. Guys normally swoon over Charlotte, but not Jeremy. She had all the makings of perfection. She confronted him and asked why he disliked her. “I’m the perfect one.” He responded. “You have competition, my dear.”

The best day to be free

Voting #: 4080

The wind, the waves, the open ocean. It is the perfect day for sailing. The adrenaline rush comes with anticipation of sea spray propelling off the edges of her fine tuned racing craft. She hears her name and immediately her focus returns to the hypocritical words of her unappreciative boyfriend.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fairest of Us All?

Voting #: 4081

Her hair, a nest of tangles, was let loose and coiled shapelessly around her shoulders. Her pearls were now retired and her clothes visibly weary and holed, her flame burnt-out. She looked over her shoulder seeing the same women, now a beauty. Trying to reach, but she was too far-gone.


A random story about my dog

Voting #: 4082

One day I was playing with my dog outside. I went to play basketball and my dog disappeared. When she came back two hours later she had a pair of goggles and some corn. I was surprised and found out she stole it from my neighbors. This is really random.

Making Waves

Voting #: 4083

A grain of sand does not have a home. It travels deep below the vast blue ocean. It moves from one beach to another. It is untraceable, a free spirit that moves with the wind, the water, and the air. She left the note, closed the door and walked away.

Let the Games Begin

Voting #: 4084

The team marched onto the field listening to the sweet sounds of the bagpipe. Staring down the opponent like a lion stalks its prey. The team stretched, got loose, and prepared for battle. They took their places on the field, anxiously waiting for the official to blow his whistle. Tweeet!

Jerry Lopez

Voting #: 4085

It was a sweltering summer day in hot July. He watched little Jerry slowly rip open the bag of M&M's as he carefully picked through them. "Jerry," he said, "why aren't you eating the brown ones?"
"Because," he explained with a naive, nine-year-old grin, "I'm allergic to chocolate." A303019

Monday, March 7, 2011

The most annoying of annoyances

Voting #: 4086

I try to focus on this homework. I try to push him away but he wont leave me alone. He keeps on nudging and hitting me to try to get my attention. I try to ignore him but he is so persistent. I just have to say Kitty go away.

A House Never Forgets

Voting #: 4087

The rain falls and snow sprinkles, and still the house remembers. It remembers the smell of Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. It has watched me grow up, has seen the world grow up. Still it stands silhouetted against the sky. A house never forgets a face although faces might forget it.

Military Wife

Voting #: 4088

My hair dances with the wind. The sun will set soon, the sky will become like coal. I often think you are here, walking next to me, breathing the same air. Then I remember how far away you are. Walking on sand not from a beach but from the desert.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Voting #: 4089

And that was the end. No fireworks, no sweet embraces, no men below balconies calling to her, not even a momentous event to mark the end of a large chapter in her history. It was a feeling within her blood and bones. And only then did it start to rain.



Voting #: 4090

As a little girl, she wanted to be a teenager.
Once a teenager, she wanted to be an adult and party.
Once in college, she wanted to start her own life.
When she had a career, she wanted to retire.
When she was old, she wanted to be little again.


Tim, you don’t pay attention.

Voting #: 4091

-Oh My God dude, are you alright?!
-No, you idiot I was just nailed by this two ton hunk of metal
-Oh My God, should I call 911?
-Nah man, I’m fine just laying here..obviously you should. Jesus it’s like talking to a door!
-Hello officer, we need help!

Word Count

Voting #: 4092

Already on the floor are wilting flower petals, crushed aphrodisiacs, and a few wrinkled bills. I can’t imagine what to purge next. The description of Joe’s glass eye? The sigh of relief his mistress gives as he leaves her? You can’t say anything with fifty words! Oh, hell – still fifty-one!


The Doormat

Voting #: 4093

People stepped on the doormat, wiping dirt and mud off their feet. No one looked back or remembered, even if their dark smudges stood out sharply against the doormat. No one noticed as the doormat stood up and left, leaving no mark except the body-shaped discoloration on the terrace floor.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Name is Daisy

Voting #: 4094

Petal by petal, the daisy faded into a single stem.  Did he love me or did he not?  With every pluck, I had hoped to find the answer. The discarded petals lay in question.  Why was I trying to find the answer with this flower?  He did not like Daisies.


Secrecy: A Ruiner

Voting #: 4095

Brian's marrying Julia today.
While walking down the aisle, his sister uttered to her, " After killing three men, getting divorced, burning seven bridges and attempting suicide,
you are a true goddess to look beyond his countless flaws."
Julia devastating whispered, "Tell Brian to burn in hell, the goddess is leaving!"


Where to Begin?

Voting #: 4096

Monica sat holding a pen and paper, the synapses in her brain palpitating for inspiration.
Her fingers, sweatily grasping her pen as she strenuously contemplated.
She was pondering while waiting to attack the slightest indication of a unique thought,
hoping to scribble it down.
Nothing was forthcoming, Monica wrote this instead.


Fun Ride

Voting #: 4097

There I was, driving, in a pretty, pretty car. The wind was in my face, tunes blasting so you can hear the bass. I drift around the corner. When I reach top speed, I start to slow down, I come to a stop. “Ride over…” “Mom, I need more quarters!”


Friday, March 4, 2011

Why School?

Voting #: 4098

What's school to you? my mother asked. I replied school is not fun, the work is hard. I spend too much time working on this research paper that's due before March break. Time is relieved when the work is all done, my mother replied to me with a bright smile.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Perfect Day for the Perfect Question

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He picks it out.  “Perfect,” he says.

Arrangements for the day are made.

They arrive on an empty beach at sunset.

Fluorescent oranges and luminous yellows paint the sky;

Their eyes meet.

He gets down on one knee.

With the “perfect” ring in hand, he asks,

“Will you marry me?”


A Day of War in Lifeless Land

Voting #: 4100

The barren desert soon fills with Enemies.

My mission: eliminate them.

Hands trembling, sweat beating, I hold my weapon.

Crater-making explosions hit the lifeless Earth.

I hear shooting in the distance.

I am hit.  I drop to the ground.

I see the light, but stay away for another day.


Valentine’s Day

Voting #: 4101

The chocolate made a crunch as I bit into the caramelized center. A knock rang from my door: I couldn’t respond. Let them think I was dead. I didn’t care. All I knew was I would never take him back. Rising, I opened the door and gasped.
“Happy Valentines Day”


The Beginning of the End

Voting #: 4102

It was dark as they drove up. Cars filled a normally vacant driveway. The inside of the house was still emptiness. She walked in cheerfully but was greeted with silence, followed by numerous harsh whispers. Something wasn’t right. Her mom spoke:
“Sweetie”, she said “Dad had a heart attack today”


Documenting the Great Prank War of 2011

Voting #: 4103

I wake up to find my room covered in silly string. Immediately, I know that this is the work of my brother, the “Prank King”. I hear a scream from the other room. I imagine he found the dead snake I left under his bed. The “Prank Queen” strikes again.


The Memoirs of Jimmy, Four Feet and Five Inches of Disappointment

Voting #: 4104

Finally, after three hours of waiting in line, the front is in sight. My excitement rises as I can see the twist and turns of the roller coaster. I run to the next open car, but am suddenly stopped. “Sorry”, says the conductor, “you're not tall enough for this ride.”


Forty three seconds left in the super bowl.

Voting #: 4105

I decided to call a Hail Mary for the win. The ball is hiked, I take a large drop back and launch the ball and it lands in the hands of my best wide-receiver for a touchdown. The undefeated team is world champs! God, I am good at playing Madden.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stirring Thantus

Voting #: 4106

Mary wept, arms around the lifeless body of Jonathan.
Family, friends called with sympathy, promising to dress in black on the fifth of December as well. They comforted her as she said one last goodbye, her tears weakened. The twitch of pale fingers in the casket haunted Mary for years.


Confessions of a shopaholic at her worst

Voting #: 4107

My carrier was on my shoulders heavier than my ninety pound golden retriever.
My hair was tousled and wavy yet had a sense of "I am here." My outfit
was high school savvy with a touch of sophistication. It was time for my glamourous
new life as a mail woman.


A turn for the worst

Voting #: 4108

She was in a ditch faced down and not responding. The four wheeler took a sudden turn
down the road crushing and swallowing the land. I pulled over and raced towards
where my daughter was. I held her and prayed for a miracle. Everything went blank and
I woke up.